Each piece of work is personalized and unique and oriented to the final work that the artist or client is looking for. 

You will see that we not only like doing things well but, we also do what we really love to do.



Audio for videogames is not just making great music and sound design. Implementation is crucial to make the difference.
Direction, recording, casting and editing. Bringin characters into life is the main goal of a good Voice Over work.
Realism and force inmersion are the big virtue of a good sound design.
The power of music is a forte in videogames. We make all styles from chiptune to orchestral.
"We worked with Hernán Marandino in the movile game Warrior Rush. Each piece that he made for us generate the emotion that we looked for, transporting to another place and giving adventure. He is a great professional with the capacity of interpretate what we imagine and transform it into magic."
Daniel Escorce - Amazing Soul Games Studio



"I had the pleasure of working with Hernán for the creation of a videogame. At all times he was committed to the project and its tasks, also providing a creative perspective and many variants.
On the other hand, it was flexible and with a rapid assimilation with the constant change, understanding in a perfect way that the development process is iterative. Expert in his subject"
Mariano Donati - Zink Games
"To put it briefly, Hernan invented an incredible and beautiful soundtrack for our game. With complicated instruction, abstract ideas, and vague requirements, Hernan repeatedly delivered me wonderful music that fit our game perfectly.
I would work with Hernan again, without even a second hesitation! I recommend you do the same."
Aaron King - React! Games
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